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Are you thinking about laser hair removal in Delhi, but have thousands of questions in mind? Stay right there. We feel you and we are here for you! As Delhi’s leading skin and hair clinic, Dr. Suruchi Puri Medi Makeovers has got the answers to all your questions and will eliminate all laser hair removal myths.

Let’s set the scene. You are tired of waxing and shaving. Hair always grows back. This is a fact. No matter how often you shave, it always comes back and comes with unwanted itching and bad growths. You hate the routine. You hate ingrown hair and most importantly, you hate the time it takes to shave or wax. We understand. Laser completely takes the hassle out of everything related to hair removal so you can be ready instantly. Last-minute trip? No worries. Unexpected date night? We got you.

It is quite normal to wonder about the laser hair removal process and how the laser works, how quickly you can see the laser results, and questions like “Does the laser hurt?” We’ve put together some of the most popular myths about treatment to give you the well-needed hair removal training.

So let’s bust some myths.


Starting hair removal with the laser has never been so affordable and easy. Laser hair removal treatments in Delhi are indeed more expensive than wax or shaving products, but simply ending the conversation will be short-sighted.

The best way to see the cost-effectiveness of this treatment is to weigh the price against the duration of its effects and its ability to avoid constant itching and irritation – not to mention the endless hours you have accumulated waxing or shaving. The number of visits to the parlor is less compared to the amount of time you would need to purchase alternative hair removal products. Scheduling your treatments for a few months or a year will never have to worry about hair removal issues in the short term.

Also, pricing varies based on the size of the targeted area, but it won’t cut a hole in your pocket. The cost of laser hair removal in Delhi starts from as low as Rs 2100 for a small area and typically you only need one session in 6 to 8 weeks until treatment is complete, no waxing for a lifetime after that! If you consider how the cost spreads over a year, these treatments are relatively inexpensive; you’ll start to see that they aren’t that expensive.


Laser hair removal treatment is not very painful. This treatment causes less pain than waxing or threading. Some people have very sensitive skin as they may experience some sensation and discomfort at the beginning of the procedure. Customers often refer to laser hair removal as “the rapid movement of an elastic band”. Of course, like every hair removal method, sensitive areas will suffer more.

Some patients may feel a tingling or tingling sensation that causes moderate discomfort, but when compared to the momentary pain from waxing, it really cannot be compared. In modern machines, discomfort is kept to a minimum, and you can even use numbing cream if you are particularly sensitive. However, this is usually unnecessary. Long-term side effects are a thing of the past! Although, anyone with an active skin infection, or if you are pregnant and breastfeeding, you should consult an expert before such treatments.


It is important to be patient while going for laser hair removal. While you cannot expect results immediately after a treatment, you will start to see that the treatment works after the first session! Hair becomes lighter or thinner after each treatment. When you complete your treatment plan, which usually consists of 6-12 sessions, you should expect prolonged hair loss.

For those with any underlying hormonal imbalances (such as PCOD or Thyroid), several additional sessions will be required to complete the procedure. So it’s not unusual to be called back for the 9th or 10th session, but when you’re done… you’re done! Laser hair removal treatment causes a permanent reduction of unwanted hair. In other words, at the end of the therapy, the patient has very thin, thin, and barely visible hair. Also, the frequency of hair regrowth decreases up to 6-12 months.


When there is radiation between the light barriers of the laser, it does not come out of that space and does not harm the laser hair removal receiver in any way. Laser hair removal does not cause cancer. The laser hair removal treatment is done in a very low frequency of radiation as compared to other laser treatments. Laser hair removal is a safe treatment that will only affect the hair and keep the skin intact. You may see some redness on the skin after a treatment. The laser will not harm or injure your skin. Always go to a certified dermatologist with an FDA approved system for laser hair removal to avoid problems during the procedure.


The results of laser hair removal will vary based on hair color, skin type, and individual. Red hair is more difficult (if not impossible) to remove. White and gray hair cannot be removed with laser therapy as it lacks all the important pigment attracted by the laser. The technology of the past was not effective in treating dark-skinned patients. This is because melanin is targeted to achieve the desired effect on the skin. Modern technology has long been able to successfully remove dark-skinned hair, so if your skin is what prevents you from receiving treatment, you should rethink.

Depending on your hair and skin type and the area being treated, you will usually need treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Each part of the body has a different hair growth cycle, so hair loss will vary depending on what stage your roots are during treatment. However, at least 10 treatments are required for optimum results. When consulting a professional, do not hesitate to raise this concern and they should be able to provide you with any assurance you need regarding this matter.

If you’re ready to give laser hair removal in Delhi a go, book your consultation now with Dr. Suruchi Puri Medi Makeovers. Our friendly team of beauty clinicians is available to answer any questions you might have. With a team of experienced laser hair removal professionals and approved hair removal treatments, we are the best hair removal skin clinic in Delhi.

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