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Trichologist ?? A trichologist is a professional who specializes in issues and diseases of the scalp and the hair & Dr. Suruchi Puri is considered as one of the Best Trichologist for Hair Treatment in Delhi NCR

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A trichologist in India is also qualified to prescribe the patient with a hair transplant procedure as and when needed. Trichologists also commonly deal with problems of the skin when a patch of hair is missing. Bald spots formed in beards or other parts of the body warrant consultation and can be taken care of by a Trichologist in Delhi

Hairs are an important sign of vitality and youthfulness. It not only makes women look pretty and feminine but gives her confidence. The hair strands needs to be taken care as a little deviation in using the right amount of product creates a lot of issues. The conditioner which you might use can lead to split ends. So, one could find that the hair growth can be a lot about taking care of it and the tangled locks can mesmerize anyone.

Being one of the best Trichologist in Delhi NCR makes us standout from the crowd is our specialization in giving the” beauty with brains” a look which suits her demeanor. Those locks bouncing from shoulders give a charismatic feel which can bowl any one out. Whether, it is the board meeting or any stint in the marketing today’s generation of women needs to be ready with her calm and composed look and the hair says all. Now with all those beautiful ladies who are fine about their hair some of them could get the snarls and the hair loss could create limp lock. The solution for it is Trichology which is one of the basic areas of Dermatology where the focus is on giving beauty to the hair.

The Hair Doctor in Delhi are in many numbers but Dr Suruchi Puri is the Best Trichologist for Hair Treatment. We help in detecting out the early changes in the characteristics of the hair. Whether it is the disorder of the scalp or the loss of hairs one can get the end to the hair fall through our specialists. The clinical exposure to the hair can be a confronting situation for a lady. She has to undergo a lot of introspection and self assurance. At, Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers provide a unique way of treating hair loss, treatment of hair problems such as mild redness and swelling can be removed easily through our clinical treatment. We go for certain test to determine whether the person is undergoing any hair fall or has more chronic phases of hair fall symptoms.

These are some of the evaluation of the skin and hair test to get specific results:

A gentle traction test:

There is a general traction test in which the hair strands go through various clinical testing from daily hair counts and wash test to scalp biopsy.


The Trichogram is another important way to evaluate the person hair who tend to think about hair loss more often. It is semi-intrusive method and the hair bulbs characteristics are found out.


Dermascopy is one of the most widely used methods to know about hair fall and various other hairs related problems. It tends to give the exact details about the dimension of the pigmented skin lesions under the hair


Despite the fact that many treatment options are available for treatment baldness, hair thinning and hair fall only the Best Trichologist for Hair Treatment  can offer customized solutions after proper diagnosis. Dr Suruchi Puri specializes in hair fall and baldness treatment and is one of the best trichologists in Delhi

So, being a very result specific Trichologist in Delhi NCR we give our best in terms of providing all kinds of hair loss treatment and the reviews which can be seen on our website stands testimony to our good work done in the field of Trichology.

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