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Wart removal in Delhi What are warts?

Warts are non-cancerous tumors or skin growths caused by infection with HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV stimulates the thickening of the skin, which in turn forms wart protrusions on the skin. This virus usually infects the top layer of the skin. Warts can appear on any part of the body, including hands, feet, beard, scalp, and genitals. These cause no symptoms in a person other than the plantar (warts on the soles of the feet), which can be painful.
Warts are small and grainy and rough to the touch. Common warts also often have a pattern of tiny black dots, which are small clotted blood vessels. The wart virus can be transmitted through touch; They can spread easily if you come in contact with the wart virus.  If you are looking for a skin specialist for wart removal in Delhi, you can consult us. Dr. Suruch Puri Makeovers provide the Best Wart removal in Delhi.

When to see a doctor

Common warts are usually harmless and eventually disappear on their own. If you don’t like the way warts appear on your skin or if it is bothersome and interfere with activities you can choose to remove it.
Although these warts aren’t life-threatening or dangerous, they can sometimes be painful. You must see a skin specialist if the growths are painful or change in appearance or color. If warts persist, spread, or recur or you aren’t sure whether the growths are warts, you should consult a skin specialist for expert advice.

Types of Warts

There are 5 types of warts. Each type of wart occurs on specific parts of the body, and vary in appearance from other types of warts.

1. Common warts (Verruca Vulgaris)

Common warts usually appear on the fingers and toes. These types of warts can appear anywhere on the body. Touching and biting your nails can cause them to spread. These warts are comparatively darker than the actual skin color.

2. Flat warts:

A flat wart appears on the face, thigh, or arm. They are not easy to notice because they are usually very small and flat, like being rubbed on the surface of the skin. These flat warts are usually slightly pink, yellowish, or brownish.

3. Plantar warts:

Plantar warts appear on the soles of the feet. If you feel or notice something that looks like a small hole surrounded by rough skin on the surface of the foot planter, you should see a doctor as these warts are quite uncomfortable.

4. Filiform warts:

These types of warts appear around the mouth, nose, throat, and chin. They look a bit like a skin tag. The color of these warts is the same as your skin. They grow very rapidly on the skin.

5. Periungual warts:

Periungual warts appear under the toenails and fingernails. These are very painful and affect toenails and fingernail growth.

Wart removal in Delhi with Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers

There are several ways warts can be removed. The goal of the treatment is to stimulate the immune system to fight the virus and destroy the wart. Your doctor may suggest one of the following approaches, based on the location of your warts, your symptoms, and your preferences. The basic types of wart removal treatments include salicylic acid, Other acids, laser removal, and Freezing (cryotherapy).

An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan will help to remove the wart permanently. Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers is your One-Stop Solution for wart removal in Delhi. Don’t baffle yourself with treatment options and don’t panic, because we can help you find the right solution. You can visit Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers in for wart removal in Delhi. We believe in providing superior quality treatment along with a personalized approach to provide you the best treatment according to your diagnosis. We believe in cost-effectively achieving optimal results. Visit us and get great Dermatology results!

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