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Are you thing of getting ear lobe repair in Delhi? Ear lobe repair at Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers can be a solution for a variety of individuals who are facing difficulty due to huge, ripped, or stretched earlobes. Ear repair procedures are highly designed to correct the symmetry of the ear form that has been distorted. This can happen due to the piercing and sporting of heavy ornaments and a repair procedure can allow the aesthetically reshaping of the ear. There are different reasons for ear distortion.

  • Torn or stretched ears
  • Irregular form i.e. asymmetrical
  • Enlarged earlobes
  • Trauma or injury within the lobe
  • Keloid scar

Ear repair surgery is performed by cosmetic practitioners and surgeons. During the surgery, the cosmetologist shrinks the scale and puts it back to the conventional near-apex, and if the item is in the ruptured ear, then the tear is half sewn up and closed completely. The surgery depends on many different factors, together with the necessity and nature of the subject, desires, and needs.

How it affects your life

When the earlobe is stretched more than 8 mm with a tribal ear piercing, it is unlikely that the hole willfully shrinks to its original size. This results in an abnormally shaped earlobe and is often difficult to hide with hair, especially for men with short hairstyles. If you think your elongated or ruptured earlobes have affected your appearance, social life, and career, Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers’ surgical team can provide solutions for ear lobe repair in Delhi. Most of our patients have increased their confidence in their appearance after surgery.

Thinking about Ear Lobe Repair in Delhi?

Split ear lobe repair in Delhi, a procedure provided by Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers for a completely torn earlobe as a result of excessive stretching or accidental tearing while wearing earrings. Stretched earlobe repair is a surgical procedure for people whose earlobe is stretched as a result of the tribal ear piercing, also known as a flesh tunnel. Meat tunnel repair surgery is done in the same way as split earlobe repair surgery, but it can take a little longer. It is a relatively fast and simple procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Why do ear holes widen?

The aging, gravity, and weight of the earrings can gradually enlarge the ear holes. Large ear holes no longer look pretty or cute. The firmness and elasticity of the skin depend on your genetic makeup and unfortunately, we cannot change it. As we age, the skin loses its structural proteins and becomes loose. The gravity and weight of the earrings will stretch the hole gradually and may one day result in splitting it in half. Heavy earrings with a very thin spike or hook, such as the part that runs through the ear, will cut the ear faster.

Sometimes earlobes can be cut due to trauma. Earloops can be pulled by entangling an item or maybe a small child pulls it too hard.

How to prevent earholes from enlarging?

You can not change your skin type or eliminate gravity. But you can follow some basic steps to prevent enlarged ear holes. Use lighter earrings for routine use. Danglers (dangling ornaments) tend to pull on the earlobe when dangling, so nails are a better choice as they fit snugly to the earlobe. Earrings with a thin central wand cut the leather faster than a thick handle. If you have thin skin and thin earlobes, you need to be more careful. Your ear holes will likely widen early. However, keep in mind that all ear holes will eventually expand when given enough weight.

Is Ear Lobe Repair right for you?

Stretched ear lobe repair surgery is performed under local anesthesia and typically takes 20-30 minutes per earlobe. At Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers, we designed our own technique for widely enlarged earlobes that consistently deliver effective results. It involves removing excess tissue and using thin inner and outer stitches on the earlobe to create a normal shape.

Split ear lobe repair with a rotation flap is a technique that allows patients to wear earrings safely and comfortably two weeks after the procedure without having to wait up to six months with the standard procedure. The length of this procedure takes 30-40 minutes per earlobe.

How is the ear lobe repair procedure done?

The ear consists of cartilage covered with skin on both sides. While the earlobe is soft and lacks any cartilage support, it is a complex structure in its 3-dimensional orientation. The surgery is performed as a daycare procedure in our clinic. First, skin marking is made to show you the last scar line.

In the procedure seat, the ear is cleaned and infiltrated with local anesthesia so that you do not feel pain during the procedure. The extra skin on the inner rim of the enlarged ear hole or split ear hole is carefully removed while preserving the natural surroundings of the ear. The skin in front of and behind the earlobe is approximated with fine stitches or leather glue.

After your surgery

Once your ear lobe repair surgery, there will be small marks on the ears that will be red at first but eventually turn into a pale silvery color. After 4-6 months, the earlobe should appear almost completely normal with no obvious signs of the previous piercing. Ears can be pierced again 6 months after the operation.

Ear lobe surgery is one of the few procedures performed to improve the shape, size, or contour of the ears. This surgery can correct partial, complete, or multiple tears in the ear. The purpose of ear lobe surgery is to give the ears a normal appearance or to create a new position of the earlobe in a better proportion with the rest of the face. Contact us today to get the right advice on ear lobe repair in Delhi.

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