Cost of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Delhi

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)Treatment for Hair Loss in Delhi

PRP Therapy is autologous Plasma Therapy in which patients own platelets are use to treat hair loss and hair thinning. Prp is a good option for recent HAIR THINNING and HAIR LOSS and is a cost effective option to help patient with LATEST HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT . Patient’s own blood cells and plasma are used to release growth factors and proteins which activates dormant placed hair follicles and make them robust and strong the existing hair follicles and thus is a good option with HAIR LOSS TREATMENT DOCTORS. Prp has been regarded as a good treatment option for those having diffused hair loss and in those patients who are getting hair converted into vellus hair from terminal hair .

Terminal hair is a strong and robust form of hair which is more resistant to fall and tend to be having greater diameter then vellus hair . HAIR FALL TREATMENT is aimed at converting vellus hair to terminal hair with drugs, LOTIONS FOR HAIR FALL , PRP TREATMENT FOR HAIR along with proper intake of DIET FOR HAIR FALL. Diet rich in micro nutrients may help one having hair loss. Patients experience or REVIEWS FOR HAIR LOSS TREATMENT suggest that sooner the treatment is started better are the results and patients satisfaction . HAIR FALL TREATMENT may take 3-4 months to show clinically good results . The patient may need various lab investigation to assess the reasons for hair loss if they are not responding to above mentioned therapy .

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