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This is actually a very interesting topic as far as LASER HAIR REMOVAL is considered. Patients always are confused about the area where the Tattoo is there and they want to get LASER HAIR REMOVAL AND TATTOO prevention also.Insertion of Dyes or Inks and some pigments which may be indelible or may be temporary is done at the dermis level of skin. Tattoos depending on their reasons may be either traumatic or cosmetic or medical . Traumatic tattoos are caused due to road side injuries or pencil lead impregnated at the dermis level . Most of the times Tattoo is used in the form of cosmetics for permanent make up or hiding a scar or neutralist the effect of some medical condition like Vitiligo. Scalp tattoos can also be used to hide bald areas .

Patients may need LASER HAIR REMOVAL IN TATTOO AREAS , and are confused because they want both , hair removal as well as Tattoo preservation . RIGHT LASER FOR TATTOO and Laser hair removal is needed if the Tattoo has to be preserved . Tattoo contains pigmentation which is darker then skin pigmentation and thus absorbs more Laser energy and heat of the laser shot . BEST LASER HAIR REMOVAL DOCTOR would consider this fact and ideally such areas should be done by the experienced dermatologist. Tattoo has chromophores which are more stronger then melanin of skin and most of the laser energy is absorbed in that area which may cause disruption of Tattoo or loss of architecture and burn or scar in that area .

Tattoo areas and Laser Hair Removal if needed to be combined needs proper understanding of laser and physics of laser machine working and the right fluency for Tattoo areas with unwanted hair. Less fluence and more cooling is needed at the area which is having Tattoo and laser hair removal is needed . Tattoo and laser hair removal needs a laser which spares Tattoo and targets hair follicle melanin pigmentation. Number of sittings needed may be more for laser hair removal in Tattoo bearing areas and thus cost factor for laser Hair reduction would be more as compared to Skin with unwanted areas without Tattoo .

We at our center use USFDA approved Laser where chilling is in built in the handpiece and thus better fluence can be given in such areas and thus reducing the number of sittings for patients who want LASER HAIR REMOVAL OF TATTOO AREA . The skin can also be cooled for better results in the form of ice pack or gels for best possible results .

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