Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi | Laser Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi
Laser Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi


Acne or Pimples may bother individuals during their puberty or when hormonal fluctuations are there. Acne may result in deep Scars, if not treated on time and these scars are all the more troublesome as they are quite resistant to local cream or ointment application. Lasers which have deep penetration with controlled fluency may help the patients with Scars left due to Acne or Scars because of pimples. Scars due to Acne and the Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi Cost OR NCR is calculated on the basis of depth of scar and the type of scar or whether a surgical intervention is done. A numbing cream may be applied for better penetration and effective fluency delivery and THE LASER ACNE SCAR REMOVAL COST IN DELHI May be calculated on these parameters. Scars may need Radio frequency along with fractional lasers and the ACNE LASER TREATMENT COST IN DELHI May thus vary on the technology used. Fractional laser has very minimal downtime and thus for scar revision is a preferred modality as it is totally blood less and the patient is thus very comfortable during the procedure. Post operative care is minimal and patient can perform normal day to day work activity with just antibiotic and sunscreen application. Patients may thus need less sittings and does not need any admission and thus ACNE SCAR REMOVAL TREATMENT COST works out to be cheaper for them as compared to other surgical treatments. Sittings may be needed once in a month and different areas can be done in a single sitting. Chicken pox scars , Surgical Scars or scar due to any other disease can also be managed with this procedure. The affordable device can help the patient get LASER Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi within their reach. The RESULTS and REVIEWS ON LASER SCAR REMOVAL are very encouraging if fractional laser Technology is used.

Acne or pimples are regarded as one of the most frustrating chronic inflammatory problem with tendency to scar in young adults and may be persistent in older adults though the severity may vary. Acne scars are the product of end stage inflammatory lesions. Post acne scarring is one of the most common causes of facial scarring that can lead to great psychological distress.


Surgical treatment is a useful adjunct to hasten response in active acne. It leads to quicker resolution of lesions, reduces inflammation & hence has the potential to reduce scarring.


In predominantly comedonal acne, comedone extraction combined with or without superficial chemical peels offer an advantage to prevent inflammation & thus reduce the incidence of scars.


Salicylic acid peel/ Mandelic peel can be used alone or in combination with varying concentrations.


In the presence of predominantly inflammatory papules chemical peels, cryotherapy or lasers & light therapy & photodynamic therapy may be beneficial along with systemic antibiotics.These are particularly useful in resistant cases of if a quick response is desired.


Phenolization and intralesional corticosteroids may be used to enhance the outcome of treatment.


Superficial chemical peels cannot be utilized for deep acne scarring, that extends beyond the papillary dermis. The chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS) technique using 65 to 100 percent TCA is a modified form of a chemical peel used for ice pick scars. It is a focal deep chemical peel & is effective in all skin types.


Combination of the above mentioned treatments can be used according to the severity,type, distribution of acne keeping age in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.Where one should visit for PIMPLE TREATMENT FOR OILY SKIN or for pimples on face treatment in Delhi?

Ans. The ACNE TREATMENT CLINIC REVIEWS suggest that one should visit dermatologist for acne treatment in Delhi .They are qualified for acne treatment in Delhi or one can visit acne specialist near them.
2. Maintenance Session : These are regular laser sessions done at frequency of 1-3 times per year . ...
Patients follow various HOME REMEDIES FOR PIMPLE AT HOME without realising that PIMPLE TREATMENT ON FACE or ACNE TREATMENT on face with oily skin requires proper medical treatment of acne or medical treatment of pimple.


Ans. ACNE ON FACE or ACNE ON BACK Of a patient needs to be dealt with disease as a whole.MALES AND FEMALES DURING TEENAGE may have acne formation due to puberty and Hormonal changes. ACNE FACE WASH LIKE CLEAN AND CLEAR or acne creams CLEARSIL may suppress acne for sometime , but acne treatment has to be done by acne specialist ;dermatologist for acne treatment.
Acne may leave scars known as ACNE SCARS.Acne scar treatment in Delhi can be done in CENTERS where qualified person are available .One can consult acne specialist in Delhi at our Center


Ans. If one is searching for ACNE SPECIALIST IN DELHI, acne specialist in Gurgaon,pimple specialist in noida for acne treatment in Delhi,they can easily approach the Center by reaching JANAK PURI EAST METRO STATION.

2. DR.SURUCHI PURI is one of the BEST ACNE SPECIALIST IN DELHI NCR REGION who specialises in the treatment for acne in men, acne in children , acne in teenage, acne during puberty and acne during pregnancy , acne in females and acne in girls.PIMPLE MARKS TREATMENT can be done later on once the disease is under control

Q. What is the fate of acne or fate of pimples if they are not treated on time?

Ans. PIMPLES ON FACE or ACNE ON FACE,Acne on back if not treated may result in ACNE SCAR FORMATION.ACNE SCAR HIME REMEDIES are of limited use once the acne scar on face have formed.ACNE SCAR IMAGES are taken for proper analysis and accordingly the TREATMENT OF ACNE SCAR is done.
2. Either the ACNE SCAR REMOVAL OR REVISION is done with LASERS FOR ACNE SCAR TREATMENT by ACNE SCAR SPECIALIST.ACNE SCAR CREAMS are also suggested by the ACNE DOCTOR.Even the BEST SKIN SPECIALIST FOR ACNE may need no. Of treatment sessions for scar treatment by laser.Panel OF TOP 10 dermatologist in DELHI suggest that acne should be treated on time before acne scar formation occurs.OUR DERMATOLOGIST Is regarded as one the most sort dermatologist in Delhi and is the top dermatologist in Delhi who has qualified from LNJP hospital in DELHI and has a vast experience for PIMPLE MARKS ON FACE,face pigmentation .

Q. Can acne scars be prevented?

Ans. Treating acne early, appropriately & adequately is most important to minimizing scarring.

Q. What counselling is important for acne patients?

Ans. The most effective way to avoid post acne scarring is by preventing acne from developing into a more severe form. Treatment should be started right away as soon as acne begins in the comedonal or papular stage. Parents of adolescence should be counseled to start treatment in the early stage & not wait till it becomes severe. ...
Many teenagers start over the counter treatment or medications advised by their friends , chemists or over the net. Often they apply topical steroids in order to get instant relief from erythema, which further aggravates acne.

Q. What is the role of HORMONAL therapy in female patients with acne?

Ans. Hormonal acne is highly influenced by androgens , chiefly testosterone. It is suspected when there are distinct premenstrual flares of acne or associated menstrual irregularities, obesity, hirsutism, female pattern alopecia ,hypothyroidism or infertility. It is mainly observed in adult women & teenagers with polycystic syndrome.
Appropriate investigations for hormonal imbalance should be done & hormonal therapy instituted according to the investigation . Hormonal treatment should be constituted for atleast 6-12 months or longer depending on severity or response.
Exercise , dietary changes & lifestyle modification is encouraged to get early response.

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