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Tattoo Removal


The tattoo prevalence has been increasing steadily and thus is the demand for Tattoo Removal. One may have a personal reason for a Tattoo Removal but most common are career changes, stigmatization, or feeling of embarrassment, getting bored with the old tattoo, color fading, past memories etc. Earlier the tattoo removal procedure involved a surgical intervention, Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels, often with unsatisfactory results and associated complications such as scarring, inadequate removal of ink that use to leave "Tattoo Ghosts" which was normally observed as permanent haze of ink color.

Tattoo inks in India and in most of the countries are not regulated by FDA and most of the patients don't know the constituents of tattoos.

Tattoos can be classified into:

1. Amateur Decorative tattoo
2. Professional decorative tattoos
3. Cosmetic Tattoos which is referred as permanent make up normally used for eyelashes or eyebrows and lips
4. Traumatic Tattoos & Medical Tattoos

Principle Of Laser Tattoos Removal:

Laser Tattoo Removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, i.e. conversion of laser energy into heat energy which selectively targets the tattoo ink and causes its destruction and fragmentation because tattoo ink is the target chromophores. Smaller particles are thus eliminated through lymphatic drainage, epidermal extrusion, and macrophage phagocytosis.

Q Switched Lasers generate high power pulses with very short widths in the range of nano seconds and thus are most suitable for tattoo removal.

A combination of Co2 Laser, Dermabrasion along with chemical peels and cryotherapy and electrocautery can also be used for faster and better results surgical excision can be considered as a last resort in conditions where Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Has failed and patients are adamant for its removal.


As Such the results of laser tattoo removal are cumulative ie the density of ink decreases with each session but at some point the ink may stop responding to tattoo laser removal machine. The laser may not completely remove the tattoo and halo may remain. The tattoo ink may just fade but may not be completely removed. Tattoos may change color as the treatment progresses, if the tattoo is palpable before the start of the treatment it will remain the same even after the laser treatment. Risk of Hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation, textural changes and scarring should be always considered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Ans. LASER TATTOO REMOVAL COST IN DELHI at our Center is calculated on the basis of area of tattoo in per sq. inch ,duration of tattoo.Like ,if a patient has TATTOO INK used for making the tattoo other than blue or black, tattoo removal cost for these tattoo would be more.Approximate sittings needed for tattoo removal would be more for darker tattoos as compared to light tattoo.We try to make TATTOO REMOVAL IN DELHI as economical as possible as compared to tattoo removal clinic in Delhi NCR or tattoo removal centres in DELHI NCR. Approximate LASER TATTOO REMOVAL cost in DELHI ranges from 500-1000 rupees per sq. inch and No.Of sittings needed for tattoo removal depends on the TECHNIQUE FOR TATTOO REMOVAL and LASER USED FOR TATTOO REMOVAL.


Ans. Our Center in Delhi is regarded as one of the best TATTOO REMOVAL CLINIC IN DELHI AND NCR region.We use the latest technique ,R-20 technique for tattoo removal with latest state of art LATEST LASER FOR TATTOO REMOVAL. Q SWITCHED ND:YAG LASER .SKIN DOCTORS for tattoo removal at our clinic use aseptic precaution for tattoo removal.

Q. Are the results of PERMANENT LASER TATTOO REMOVAL temporary or tattoo removal is for life long.

Ans. The result of PERMANENT LASER TATTOO REMOVAL IN DELHI at our Center are achieved in multiple sittings for tattoo removal and the frequency of laser beam is adjusted in every sitting.So once the results are achieved, they remain permanent though some discolouration or halo effect may remain.

Q. IF somebody wants to get TATTOO REMOVAL NEEDED FOR DEFENCE SERVICES, TATTOO REMOVAL FOR AVIATION , TATTOO REMOVAL FOR HOTEL INDUSTRY , TATTOO REMOVAL FOR ARMED FORCE and the time left is not for multiple sittings ,What are the options left?.

Ans. TATTOO REMOVAL BY LASER IN DELHI can be done in our skin clinic for tattoo removal with laser in single sitting .The fear of scar after tattoo removal by laser is always there if TATTOO REMOVAL IN SINGLE SITTING is done.If time with a candidate for tattoo removal is less ,than risk of scar formation after tattoo removal has to be weighed against the recruitment in defence , recruitment in aviation or airlines,or in hotel services .We at our Center have one of the BEST DERMATOLOGIST FOR TATTOO REMOVAL IN DELHI.

Q. What is the principle of working of Laser tattoo removal machine?

Ans. TATTOO ARTIST IN DELHI & NCR REGION use various inks to give tattoo a proper colour and shape.TATTOO INKS USED For making tattoo penetrate deep into underlying dermis of skin. Laser tattoo machine breaks this ink into smaller particles so that they can be removed by macrophages near the tattoo.


Ans. TATTOO REMOVAL BY HOME REMEDIES carry the risk of infection . SALT AND PEPPER METHOD FOR TATTOO REMOVAL is mostly done by patients who have tattoos along with USE OF TCA or ACID FOR TATTOO REMOVAL,or SAND PAPERRING THE TATTOO.These methods should not be done for tattoo removal services.

Q. Which colored tattoos respond better?

Ans. Tattoos with single color such as black/blue/green get the best response . Multi colored tattoos required more sessions & a combination of lasers.

Q. How many sessions are required?

Ans. Minimum 4 to maximum 10-12 sessions are required depending on the size, color , age of tattoos inks & nature of tattoo (professional / amateur).

Q. Can we remove tattoo early / in less number of sessions especially if it is a job pre-requisite?

Ans. For this purpose, we may need a combination of 2-3 lasers which can drastically improve the results in lesser time duration.

Q. What are the other treatment options for tattoo removal?

Ans. Dermabrasion , excision & suturing for smaller tattoos & dermabrasion followed by tissue grafting are some of the other options for tattoo removal. However, laser such as the Qs:Nd-YAG remains the gold standard.

Q. Why Skin specialist for tattoo removal or doctors for tattoo removal take multiple sittings for tattoo removal?

Ans. TATTOO REMOVAL by best skin specialist in Delhi may also take multiple sittings.As the defence mechanism theory is used by skin specialist for tattoo removal.

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