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What are Moles?

Mole Removal in Delhi

Our skin contains cells called Melanocytes which produces melanin. Melanin is the natural pigment that gives our skin its color. When melanocytes grow in clusters or clumps, moles are caused. Moles are common skin growths. You probably have more than one on your face and body. Most people have 10 to 40 moles somewhere on their skin. Most of the moles on your skin are harmless and have nothing to worry about. You don't need to remove a mole unless it bothers you.  If you are looking for a skin specialist for mole removal in Delhi, you can consult us. Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers provides the Best Mole Removal Treatment in Delhi.

Are there effective ways to remove moles at home?

Several websites offer "do-it-yourself" tips for removing a mole at home. For example, sticking garlic on the mole to break it down from the inside, or applying apple cider vinegar. These methods are not effective and some can be dangerous.
Drug stores and online stores also sell mole removal creams that you rub into the mole. The products claim that a crust will form within a day of applying the cream. When the scab falls, the mole goes with it.
You might be tempted to remove moles at home because of the convenience and cost. But you should speak to your doctor about your options before trying any creams or home remedies for mole removal.

Cosmetic care for moles on the face

If you're self-conscious about a mole, you could try makeup to help conceal it. If you have a hair growing from a mole, you might try clipping it close to the skin's surface or plucking it. Or talk with your dermatologist about permanently removing the hair and the mole. But if you don't like the way the mole affects the way you look, you can consider removing it.

When to see a doctor

The moles that you absolutely must remove are the ones that change in size or appearance. Differences in the color, size, or shape of a mole can be a warning sign of cancerous mole. If your mole gets irritated from rubbing against your clothes, contact a dermatologist for an examination. Dermatologists advise against at-home mole removal techniques. You may unwittingly remove a pre-cancerous or cancerous mole or cause complications in a benign mole. Contact a specialist so that a biopsy can be done. The biopsy specimen is tested under a microscope to see if it’s cancerous to render a definitive diagnosis.

Mole removal in Delhi with Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers

There are several ways moles can be removed.

Removing a mole is usually a minor office procedure that can be done in minutes. . We will choose the best procedure for removing your mole (or moles) based on factors such as the location, type, and size of the mole. There are four basic types of nonsurgical mole removal: removal, shaving removal, laser removal, and freezing.

An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan will help to remove the mole permanently. Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers is your One-Stop Solution for mole removal in Delhi. Don't baffle yourself with treatment options and don't panic, because we can help you find the right solution. You can visit Dr. Suruchi Puri Makeovers in Delhi. We believe in providing superior quality treatment along with a personalized approach to provide you the best treatment according to your diagnosis.  We believe in achieving optimal results in a cost-effective manner. Visit us and get great Dermatology results!

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Mole Removal in Delhi

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