Freckless And Sunspots Treatment

Freckless And Sunspots Treatment


Freckles are mostly evident in people with fair complexion. Freckles are also observed in the Indian scenario with patients using lots and lots of home remedies like lemon, honey etc to treat them. Such home remedies actually serve no purpose in removing or dimnishing them. Infact some home remedies may do more harm than good in such cases.Freckles are also called as EPHELIDES, and actually these dark pigmented spots are not due to the increase in the number of melanocytes which are colour giving cells or melanin forming cells, but are due to melanocytes which have the tendency to form melanosomes ie melanin granules. Freckles should be differentiated from lentigines and moles.

People with freckles are advised to use various sun blocking agents and are advised to take precaution from direct exposure of sunlight. These tiny spots on the skin can be a cause of concern for many as they are quite disturbing and it's a great task covering them when one steps out. These spots are difficult to treat with home remedies.

Cauterisation, fractional lasers, some detanning creams and chemical peeling may help many in getting rid of these freckles or sunspots. Multiple peeling session may be needed along with proper home regime for proper treatment of these dark spots. Sometimes surgical laser or fractional laser along with IPL laser may be used by dermatologist to treat these spots. Chemical peeling may be done every 2-3 weeks along with sunscreen use and other creams recommended by dermatologist . Some spots may fade and respond immediately but some may need surgical removal by dermatologist along with lasers and chemical peels. As these have the tendency to recur so proper care after the procedure is needed to prevent relapse. Laser resurfacing at times may be advised by the dermatologist. Some creams which contain retinoids and detanning agents may also be used by the dermatologist along with Derma abrasion procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are sunspots?

Ans. Solar Keratoses or sun spots are skin lesions that develop as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. They can come in different shapes and colours. They are very common on areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to the sun, particularly on the nose, cheeks, upper lip, temples, ears, forehead, neck and hands.

Q. Are sunspots the same as freckles?

Ans. No sun spots are not the same as they are caused by over sun exposure. They make look similar, but they are different. Freckles are small brownish spots of melanin on human skin in people who have a fair complexion generally people are predisposed to getting freckles . They are predominately found on the face can be avoided by using a high sunscreen.

Q. How are sun spots caused?

Ans. Sun spots are signs of sun damage to our skin. This damage accumulates over some time so sun spots are more likely to appear as we age. They are also more common in those with darker skin or who tan easily.

Q. Are certain skin types more susceptible to forming sun spots?

Ans. Those with darker skin or who tan easily have more melanin in their skin and are more susceptible to sun spots. Child birth control can also cause problem with melanin in the skin.

Q. If you have sunspots are there any products you can use to get rid of them?

Ans. Applying Aloe Vera twice a day helps the sun damaged areas as aloe vera has remarkable natural healing properties. Lemons are also the most effective remedies for hyper pigmentation, it has the ability to lighten skin which helps to even out the skin tone. The citric acid in lemon washes away dead skin and facilitates growth of new skin cells so you end up with brightened skin! Vitamin E tablets an work great as an antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals that are produced by UVrays that helps protect and repair your skin.

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